Cookie Policy



A Cookie is small text file deposited and recorded in the terminal of your device (computer/smartphone/tablet…) when a service is consulted with a navigation software via the consulted Tool. It allows its issuer, during the period of validity of this Cookie, to recognize the terminal concerned each time this terminal accesses digital content containing Cookies from the same issuer, and depending on the Cookie, to collect additional information on the user’s behavior when using the services.

The User is informed that, when connecting to the Corgenix Tools, Cookies are installed on his/her terminal for the proper functioning of the services, or on his/her browser subject to the choice expressed by the User concerning the Cookies; this choice can be modified at any time.

They may be:

  • Internal cookies: they are issued and deposited by Corgenix from its servers and its domains.
  • Third-party cookies: they are issued by partners with whom Corgenix works from the server or domain of that partner entity.


Depending on the time during which the cookies are stored in the user’s terminal, there are:

  • Session Cookies: activated during the user’s browsing of the relevant Tool or for the provision of a service requested by the user.
  • Permanent cookies: stored for a certain period of time on the user’s terminal, the person responsible for the Tool in question having access to them when the user connects to that Tool. The storage period can not be longer than 13 months since the day the cookie was deposited on the terminal of your device.


According to the function of the Cookies and the purpose of the data obtained, Corgenix distinguishes:

  • Security cookies: technically essential for browsing the Tools (to move around, use its basic features and secure your connection) and for the delivery of the service. Those cookies do not need your consent as they allow you to access to the website.
  • Functional cookies (or personalization cookies): improve your navigation on the Internet Tools by offering personalized functionalities: the nominative welcome and the recording of your preferences (language or region where you are located). As the technical cookies, those cookies are used to improve your browsing and do not need your consent.
  • Analysis (or performance) cookies: allow the monitoring and statistical analysis of the user(s) of the Tools to which they are linked (most viewed pages, error messages, overview of traffic on the Tools concerned, the of this traffic and pages visited, etc.). The objective is to improve your user experience and the functioning of our Tools,so that you can intuitively find what you are looking for.
  • Advertising cookies: allow for the management of advertising space on the accessed Tool. Those cookies need your consent.
  • Behavioral advertising or targeting cookies: store information about the behavior of users obtained through their browsing habits, which allows the Tools to offer them relevant advertisements according to their interests. They are also used to limit the number of times the same ad is displayed and to help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Deleting these cookies will not prevent the advertisement from being displayed. For those cookies your consent is needed and Corgenix asks for it when you access on the website.
  • Social network cookies: allow you to share content from our Tools with others or to let those people know that you have viewed or thought about content from the relevant Tool. When you use those buttons, a third party cookie is installed on your terminal and if you are connected on a social media, this information will be added on your profile.


Corgenix also uses third-party web analytics services in connection with its Online Tools such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics… which may use Cookies to collect data (such as IP addresses) in order to evaluate usage and interaction with the Online Tools.

Cookie management by the user of Corgenix Tools


The installation of certain Cookies is subject to your consent, when their exclusive purpose is not to allow or facilitate navigation or when they are not strictly necessary for the provision of services or the management of services. Therefore, when you first visit the Tool concerned, you are asked to consent or not, to the installation of these non-essential Cookies on your terminal. A Cookie will be installed to remember your choice. If you delete this Cookie your consent will be requested again. You may at any time revoke your choice by going to cookies parameter in the footer of the tool.

The Cookies that process Personal Data are under the protection of Personal Data regulations. You have thus certain rights (to access, to rectify, to oppose, to withdraw consent…).  We invite you to read the first part of the present Privacy Policy to have the details of those rights and to know how to exercise them.

If the user refuses the registration of Cookies in his terminal or his browser, or if he deletes those registered there, Corgenix reminds that his navigation and his use of the Tool concerned may be limited. In this respect, Corgenix declines all responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of the Tools or services resulting (i) from the refusal of Cookies by the User (ii) from the impossibility for Corgenix to record or consult the Cookies necessary for their functioning due to the User’s choice.

Types of Cookies used by Corgenix

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